In 2020, many opportunities for profit from the resort real estate segment

Real estate experts said that the price of resort real estate in Vietnam is still low compared to other countries in the region and around the world. Meanwhile, Vietnam will surely explode in the tourism industry and will surpass it in the right direction.

Outreach if in the right direction

From the perspective of experts, Mr. Mauro Gasparotti, Director of Savills Hotel Asia Pacific said that Vietnam's tourism industry has undergone a remarkable development. Most hotels have reached high capacity in recent years, promoting the construction of new projects.

Resort real estate is playing an important role in Vietnam's economy. The market is now ready for new types of products, pioneering creativity and incorporating new trends into future projects.

According to Savills experts, the most important factor that makes Vietnam's resort real estate competitive in the region is the reasonable price and good product value.

Comparison of Vietnam Capital Partners shows that the price of resort real estate such as sea view apartments or sea view villas in Phuket or Bali is dozens of times higher than places like Da Nang, Phu Quoc or Nha Trang in Vietnam. These are factors that help Vietnam's resort real estate enter a new growth cycle, which is forecast to explode in the next 5 years.

However, the director of Savills Hotels Asia Pacific said that the current investors are too focused on the market opportunities in the short term and mainly develop products for growth in room demand. The market is lacking in the diversity of product types due to the repetition of existing models, instead of embracing new trends and models.

The resort tourism industry is changing very fast with many opportunities opening up for investors, not only growing room demand but also growing new customers. Therefore, merely developing a project with large rooms and lobbies will not guarantee the competitiveness as well as suit the needs of customers in the medium and long term.

Cash flow continues to pour into Resort real estate

In the context of assessing resort real estate, there is still much potential, developers continue to choose this segment to develop the project.

Most recently, Phu Long and Saigon Investico Sovico investor introduced L'Alyana Senses World on 219 hectares on Ong Lang beach. The first project to be introduced to the market is Furama Resort & Spa with 350 resort rooms and 85 pool villas on an area of ​​7.2 hectares located right on the coast with the central location of this population.

"L'Alyana Senses World will bring a new look, with unique resort, entertainment, health care, energy regeneration services, contributing to the attraction of the tourism industry. Phu Quoc pearl island calendar in particular and Vietnam tourism in general, "said Phung Chu Cuong - General Director of Phu Long.

Assessing the market, Mr. Duong Duc Hien, Director of Housing Sales of Savills Hanoi, is still optimistic and thinks that resort real estate will be a channel that attracts much attention of the market.

The reason given by Mr. Hien is that the number of domestic and international visitors to Vietnam's tourist destinations has grown sharply in the last three years. Tourism is considered a key economic sector and the infrastructure system of localities with tourism potential is being improved, thus opening up investment opportunities for resort real estate.

Besides, in the real estate market, there is a change in the perception of investment products. Especially when in big cities, real estate prices are getting higher and higher, investment capital flows are trending to provinces, in which resort real estate is also an attractive investment channel.

Giap Van Kiem, General Director of AV Land, recommends that investors should choose products from major investor brands, who have experience in developing and operating resort products so that the project can be profitable. long term settlement.

Sourece: Doan Phong

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